Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Day 3

This is cool. I am really enjoying this blogging.

Made some gym commitment goals on Face book last night. It felt good to make a public goal. Makes me feel more committed to keeping it. And I set my alarm for 6am, jumped out of bed and went and did my Abs and Stretch class at the gym. This is a great class for my back as after several severe back injuries I need all the stretching I can get, however not much of a calorie burner I'm afraid. I was feeling so pumped when I got home and feeling hungry, I ate one piece of toast, then I was full, quite disappointing and quite exciting all at the same time, then went on a 1 hour walk, up hill and down and then on to the beach. Once again the weather caved in but I was more prepared this time so continued on regardless. My poor little Andy tho, my black 3 year old staffy was looking a bit cold and looking at me as if I was crazy.

The temptation to get on the scales this morning was almost more than I could bear, but I resisted and feel better for it. I am trying to disconnect from "Instant Gratification" as it can dominate my life at times - great chunks of my life actually.

Today I am off on my trek. Once a week I practice my counselling at a small coastal town about an hour and a half drive from where I live. It is normally a Monday but yesterday I was at my course so I go on a Tuesday. I think I will change this tho because I try and have Tuesdays off and really do resent giving up my day off as there is no time then for the rest of the week for me. Note to self: No more working Tuesdays!!!

And I am having lunch with my mother....and that is another story for another day.

Until next time

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